Feng Wei
Feng Wei
Fighting Style: 
Chinese Kenpo

Feng Wei - Tekken

Feng Wei started to learn Kenpo from a very young age. When he was 20 years old he was the best student of his Kenpo school. But he started to break the only rule he his master had: not fight outside his own school. When his master started scolding him Feng attacked his master and killed him.

After that Feng Wei started to attack different dojos, beating up their masters in the process. Soon he started searching for the God Fist scrolls, that were stolen by the Mishima family long ago. With the fifth King Of Iron Fist Tournament announced Feng Wei enters the tournament to recover the scrolls and gain ultimate power.

By the end of the tournament he managed to recover the scrolls, but the scroll only stated "Destroyer of all styles, the one true ultimate style, it transcends the power of The Dragon God, which exceeds all human ability." Feng didn't understand the meaning of the scroll and wanted to find more information. With the sixth King Of Iron Fist Tournament announced he once again decides to join in hopes to get the needed information there.

Feng Wei Images

Feng Wei  Tekken 6 picture
Feng Wei  Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion picture
Feng Wei  Tekken 5 picture
Feng Wei  Tekken 5 picture


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