Fighting Style: 
Tae Kwon Do


Hwoarang is a young student of Baek Doo San. He earned his money with street fighting. He let his friend lose a few fights and then he would step in and win the match, when the stakes were high. Once he fought Jin Kazama and fought him to a draw. That was his first fight without victory.

He returned to the dojo to train, but it was destroyed by Ogre. He vowed to have revenge for his master and entered the third King Of Iron Fist Tournament.

He was unable to fight Jin during the tournament and after was drafted in the Korean military. Once he found out of the fourth King Of Iron Fist Tournament he went AWOL and became a fugitive only to fight his rival – Jin Kazama.

Once again he was unsuccessful and later was captured by the Korean government and held in custody. He received papers, which, to his surprise, informed him that Baek Doo San was still alive. He later finished his military service and with the request from Baek Doo San joined the fifth King Of Iron Fist Tournament.

During the tournament he fought and defeated Jin. But Jin turned into his Devil form and beat Hwoarang. Hwoarang was put into a hospital. When he woke up he was weak, but still asked his master to finish training him. After a lot of hard work Hwoarang became even stronger and joined the sixth King Of Iron Fist Tournament to beat Jin once and for all.

Hwoarang Images

Hwoarang Tekken Tag Tournament 2 picture
Hwoarang Street Fighter X Tekken picture
Hwoarang Tekken Tag Tournament picture
Hwoarang Tekken 4 picture

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